Posted by: Shal Mad | September 15, 2006

3 week of holiday

<p>This is the last week and only left 2 day for end of my holiday.</p>

<p>Lots of thing hapening… And very pening-pening kepala.</p>

<p>Last 2 week am working at some stall, a burger stall at Bukit jalil Secondary school, It was fun and enjoyfull, realy feel like Madrif the Student oncepon a time… realy miss that time, where all my gila-gila group make noisy and do something nutty… haha cant forget…</p>

<p>Eventot it was so cheerful when am was student, but still got moment cought me badly, and sadly, where there am was form 2, just wanna cry… Opss.. guy shoudn’t cry…</p>


<p>This 2 week, I think am inlove, dont know it is call love, or just admire…. i think something related wif it… A gurl i think on form 2, have a very cute liltle face, with short hair, and silky soft skin, i know… i didn’t touch her yet… but her skin so ‘gebu-gebu’. Make me feel inlove, know her name… but wanna know her more~!!</p>



<p>Totally forget bout the exam, the realy hatred by DTE April 2005, haha… But hell~!! i dont wanna repeat it again, wif the same topic and same lect, make me sick over and over again… </p>

<p>But we all do it badly… Hope something good will pump up…..</p>

<p>Haha after then, i will write bout week after i on sem 5…. oh men… now i’m scared and nervous on my feet… darn</p>



  1. ahh…matilah awak…u are in love…tak sangke!!who’s this gurl?Do i knw her?Wasn’t she same class with us last time?Tell me adik!!Eh..bulan puasa tak bo kelentong!!

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