Posted by: Shal Mad | July 29, 2006

Some Other Time

<p>Just feel like lying under the skies,</p>

<p>Getting annoying from the blues</p>

<p>and felt the hatter under…</p>

<p>Just like a moment ago…</p>

<p>Blind like in the dark…</p>


<p>Help me..</p>

<p>i want to out…</p>

<p>want to feel the freedom..</p>

<p>want to feel the fresh air inside…</p>

<p>want to have a good sight..</p>

<p>in the real world..</p>

<p>the world we dream of…</p>

<p>the world that never dead…..</p>


<p>Some other time…</p>

<p>sense it with or without </p>

<p>the taste</p>

<p>the feel</p>

<p>the moment</p>

<p>the kind</p>

<p>the heart</p>



<p>Just go away…</p>

<p>Some Other time…</p>

<p>i’m just being confiuse by my self…</p>

<p>Just Some Other Time…</p>

<p>We just like we were…</p>



<p>Some other time… i dont feel lonely anymore..</p>


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