Posted by: Shal Mad | June 3, 2006

No one notice it…

<p>1st of all, i just wanna wishing all my pal for their incoming birthday on this month, month of june, month of football fever, month of world cup, month of ppl forgetting their work…. bcoz of the ‘fever'</p>

<p>Today horoscope say that i should be a more talkative… i do think that’s the right thing i should done, coz i’m bit lazy to talk to who ever i meet… that’s my problem… and i think i should change it after. Although we muslim should not trust the horoscope thing , but i think if it dont relate to die, love, our future life i will accept it.. coz it said i should change the additude, and that’s fact, not imagine illusion or fortune teller…</p>

<p>today i got realy messy life… i woke up on 11am, wif no wash my face and brush my teeth, just eat breakfast… is it breakfast or lunch?? anyway after i’m full, then i watch television till 1pm, and wash my head then have a refreshing bath time… after that i go out to find some comic, but sadly the galery book store closing today, due to the &quot;keputeraan Agung’, or agung birthday. </p>

<p>And went home with a deprestion… and just sit at sofa make me sleepy, then i just sleep till 4pm… woke up and watch ‘Full House’ a realy nice drama, and the heroin cute too^^.</p>

<p>after got Asar Praying, go have a healthy sport to do… and i play suck, maybe coz of lazyness i had this day… haha^^ but i guess cant do anything to it…</p>

<p>A lot happening this week, and dont know how to tell it.. but i think i should forget it… the future life is waiting for me… and also i just havent finishing the quest i have before we born….</p>

<p>what does this blog title meaning ?? i dont know, coz no one whould notice it… and in the end of this blog ppl will stil wonder… but no body will notice it…</p>

<p>haha what an idiot… i mean me… ok then, till we meet ~!! Assalamualaikum~! bye chow kin… </p>


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